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What you know about Basra Galvanizing?

Basra Galvanizing Co. is a full-service metal finisher specializing in providing quality Hot Dip Galvanizing to extend the service life and visual appeal of products of all shapes and size. The raw materials used for producing these are highest of its kind with core machinery from Europe. We are backed by team of dedicated professionals who excel hard to achieve desired results. If you are looking for durability, aesthetic appeal to set your product apart from the competition then Basra Galvanizing the solution. We registered with:


We Offer Different Services

Steel Structural Works

We have a very good team and infrastructure to fabricating , welding and installation all type of steel structure such as pipe racks , pipe supports , pipe shoe , sheds … etc.

Security Fencing Welded Mesh

The tightly fabricated structure of the welded wire mesh used for Basra Galvanizing Co High security fencing is specifically design to give potential intruders an elevated level of deterrence .

Sandblasting & Galvanizing

We offers a complete process of sandblasting with many blasting material options available to choose from allowing the final product to meet current industry standards.


Quality Beyond Expectations

COMPLIANCE WITH BRITISH STANDARD 729/BS EN ISO 1461:1999 & ASTM A 123 This standards for the coating steel galvanized for fabrication gives the requirement for coating weight, adhesion, appearance and uniformity. QUALITY CONTROL AND INSPECTION Continuous check-up is carried out to ensure the requirement of BS729 / BS EN ISO 1461:1999 and ASTM A123.

1035 +

Successful projects

We have been destroying the forests for many years.

3000 +

Tons/ Kettle

The capacity of galvanizing kettle per month



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